What's in a Name?


Directors John van Opzeeland, Marianne Wright and Eddy van Opzeeland (first, second and fourth from left) with company founder Cor van Opzeeland (deceased).

Opzeeland Transport was named in 1964 by Cor and Helen van Opzeeland.  In Holland, where the family history lies, naming businesses after your family name is common practice and therefore 'Opzeeland' was a natural choice for this family orientated and run business.

What started as a tradition has become a brand synonymous with innovation and history in Hornby and throughout New Zealand.

"Often when I meet somebody and give them my name, the response will be ‘oh, just like the trucking firm?'" - Cor van Opzeeland

The family orientation of the business has extended through to staff and created a unique identity for Opzeeland.  We currently operate with 70 staff encompassing our Dunedin, Auckland and Christchurch depots, with the majority being based at the original Hornby site in Christchurch.

Staff have always been acknowledged as an integral part of Opzeeland Transport and, at the last count, Opzeeland people had racked up a total of over 700 years of service working for the company.

"Together with our staff, we have developed a pretty strong company identity, and the staff are as important an ingredient to the success of the company as our contribution. They are as important as anyone sitting in this seat" John van Opzeeland in NZ Trucking.

Opzeeland Truck